Friday, October 12, 2012

Low Road

Day 100

The sun shone through the window.

A young girl was sitting on a chair listening to her ipod.

It was once her mothers.

Her father had saved her life. That's what she was told.

She had slept through it all.

"Do you want bacon with your eggs dear?" the voice came from the kitchen

It was a familiar voice to her.

She sat at the table applying her black lipstick and black mascara.

"Sure," she said.

The man walked out from the kitchen with the eggs and the bacon. He put the plate at her place.
He then sat down and joined her for breakfast.

There was so much optimism in his eyes.

He handed the girl a package wrapped with a bow.

She unwrapped it.

It was a suitcase.

"Well open it up," her grandfather said.

It was filled with pictures of people. Some were famous actors with names of other members of her families written on them. Some were of her parents.

"Thanks." she said.

"Happy Birthday. Oh I almost forgot this is a little something extra from me." he said.

He then handed her a folder.

She couldn't help notice the coincidence.

"Well that's strange." she said.

"What's strange dear?" he said.

She responded," The cover matches the time exactly."

As she glanced at the clock

The digital light shown through the darkness

It was the day for her to begin to know her purpose

After all

It was


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Low Road

Day 99

She had known that look. She started to back away.

He could not control the rage.

"I loved you." he said.

"Why?" Roger said.

Rachael started to sob. The one that had controlled so many and created a reality for some was now reduced to a normal person. The person she had always wanted to be with emotions and feelings.

"I just wanted us to be a family." she said.

"The Organization wanted out daughter. Not us. It was always about her. I couldn't let them take her from me so I became the Organization. It was the only way." said Rachael.

"It was not the only way. It was the only way for you." Roger screamed.

Just then the elevator from the secret passageway had arrived.

The doors had opened and a man appeared.

"Son we must go now." the man said.

Roger picked up his daughter and walked toward the elevator.

Rachael proclaimed, "leave her or you both die."

"I don't think so Rachael. Not today. I was the one who once gave the orders from down here and I shall once again."

Rachael pulled a weapon from her boot and with tears in her eyes aimed for the man she loved. She then lowered the gun.

Rachael fell to the ground.

She had so much once but now all of that was gone.

"I'm sorry Roger." she said.

"So I am Rachael." Roger said.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Low Road

Day 98

"She's gone." Roger said. "And it's because of you and your plans!" he shouted.

"My whole life has been a lie. You killed the only thing I love!" he shouted louder.

The rage was filling him.

He was turning red.

The hate was consuming him.

His tears seemed to emit steam.

He wanted his daughter back.

He wanted his wife back.

But she had stolen all of that

From him.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Low Road

Day 97

Roger and his daughter arrived with the teacher at the underground head quarters.

Rachael was waiting there. She had her headphones in her ears and the suitcase next to her at the platform.

She wanted to be reunited.

As the door opened the other agent pushed dRoger and the child out the door. She then pushed ...

Her last


Out of her


She had been shot.

"That is for trying to kill my daughter at the train station." she said.

Roger was stunned. He didn't know what to say.

"I know you weren't trying to hurt me. I love you Roger I always have but I couldn't allow them to get to you. Now we are reunited. Now we are a family again. You and I and our beautiful daughter.

"I don't understand." Roger said in disbelief.

"I know but soon you will. You father knew about the plan. He went to the other base to destroy it so we could be together." She said.

"But the only way he could have known about the base was from the Director who had to have been...

You." he shouted.

"Yes Roger it is I. I have always been the one pulling the strings. But I never planned on falling in love with you. and having a family changed me. All of the years of pain. I realized that I was wrong. I want to protect us. I did this all for us. You must believe me." she said with a hint of desperation as tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Your father died today for us to be free. He loved all of us. You must know that. I want you to come away with me. We shall be together." she said.

Just then Roger felt the child's pulse.

It was gone.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Low Road

Day 96

His father reached the platform underneath the headquarters.

He reached into his jacket and pulled out a detonation device.

"This is not the end." he said. Just then there was an explosion.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Low Road

Day 95

"It pays to have friends," she said to herself.

Her husband was delivered to her underground bunker.

She was the new director.

The truth is she was always the director.

That is why they all looked like fakes year after year.

They were her decoys.

She had created the confusion

and the delusion.

But for some reason

She just couldn't let go

Of him.

Low Road

Day 94

Her nails scratched the harsh words away.

Her thoughts were clouded.

She had escaped under neath the train.

She had a secret passageway that lead to the true headquarters of the organization.

Her husband was being led there.

Unknown to him.

Her daughter was sleeping safety.


At last.

Low Road

Day 93

She put her headphones on.

She put her black lipstick on.

She put her gun on.

She put it all into it.

She wanted them all to pay.

She wanted her child back.

She wanted them all to see.

This was the end

of everything that they made her

To be.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Low Road

Day 92

When a dead woman reemerges no one sees it coming.

There was no funeral.

There was only pain.

She did this all for them.

She destroyed it all for them.

She gave up her life for them.

She had taken it as far as she could.

She wanted out.

She wanted it all

To come out.

Once and for all.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Low Road

Day 91

He felt furious at himself.

So few could turn back the clock.

He walked into a secure area.

The secret room.

He pushed the elevator button.

He was leaving.

He may never see his son again


But at least he would die with his

Self respect.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Low Road

Day 90

He had given up on trying to make sense of it.

It was all still unclear.

None of the connections lined up.

Nothing made sense.

and that was the point.

That was how the Organization worked.

His wife would be the new director.

He had made it happen.

He had been double crossed.

They all had.

There was nothing left to lose.

and now one father

had one cohice left.

A fight for to the end...

He was going to bring it.

He came to his senses...

But was it too late.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Low Road

Day 89

Internal Memo :

The number was blurred out.

The plans were revealed.

His son needed to know the truth.

The whole thing was staged.

His wife was not dead.

He was double crossed.

and now he was the one that was in danger.

He had led his boy here.

To his own death.

His own demise.

He was trying to hold it together.

The emotions.

The years.

and the tears.

This was the last lie.

and he was to deliver his own boy.

To the organization.

The twist.

The turn.

The ever burn.